Author: Clark H. Caras

Kim Coleman

Utah House District 42 GOP Rep. Kim F. Coleman

Her life journey has taken former congressional candidate Kim Coleman from New Orleans to Texas, Massachusetts – and ultimately Utah and Brigham Young University – where this gumbo-slinging graduate of the University of Utah (with

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Utah State Senator Luz Escamilla

Utah State Senator Luz Escamilla is one of the two remaining candidates in the Salt Lake mayoral race – which is making history as, for the first time in the city’s history, two women face

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Rep. Steve Waldrip, UT District 8

Steve Waldrip’s a California boy who went from parking cars at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel across from Disneyland, as a senior in high school, to playing basketball at Brigham Young University and setting a record

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Erin Morris, Political Strategist’s next personality is a political strategist based presently in Arizona but who grew up in Littleton, Colorado and then at age 20 moved to Washington, D.C., and moved to Arizona to 2018 ultimately graduating

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Utah County Commissioner Nathan Ivie

He’s a politician who decided to first run for office after watching two Bighorn Sheep fight in the wilderness. He owns and trains approximately 50 horses and last year was awarded two world championships. A

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